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Turmeric + Kojic Body Scrub

Turmeric + Kojic Body Scrub

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This brightening Turmeric + honey and Kojic  scrub is perfect for exfoliating all over your body . This design was specifically formulated to treat discoloration around your whole body that can occur with shaving or acne marks. The wash is very gentle, so it does not leave your body or bikini area stripped. If you love the feeling of exfoliating with a sugar scrub but hate the oiliness left, then this is perfect for you. It leaves your skin soft and supple but not overly greasy. This wash consists of some of the finest ingredients curated to soothe, cleanse and maintain your bikini area and body for the day or relax you before bed.

Benefits include:
-Brightening the skin
-Exfoliating skin
-Perfect for use after shaving
-Prevent ingrown hair and razor bumps
-Leaves skin soft and supple.

Ingredients: Sugar , honey,clay powder, walnuts shell, Turmeric ,grape seed Oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, Kojic acid Jojoba oil,glycerin, lemon powder, aloe Vera,walnuts powder, rice powder,vitamin E, Lemongrass Essential Oil, moonlight & rose and lemon Essential Oil.


Always consult your health care professional if pregnant, breastfeeding, on medications or homeopathic remedies before using any essential oil products.

How To Use

Step 1: Cleanse your face and/or body with one of our skin soaps. Leave skin slightly damp
Step 2: After cleansing, apply scrub upwards towards heart. Never allow water or dirty fingers in the scrub container as there are no preservatives. Always use wooden spatula or spoon included in your order to scoop out product.
Step 3: Rinse off. 

Tip: Exfoliate skin a day before shaving to prepare your skin by loosening dirty and dead skin cells

 Made for use 3 times a week. Wash bikini area and body. Do not apply in vaginal canal or labia as sugar my irritate that area. 

How To Store

Keep at room temperature.

Never allow water or dirty fingers in the scrub.Always use wooden spatula or spoon included in your order to scoop out product.

Rub on skin to lather for a minimum of 4 minutes. Use at least twice a week. maximum use 3 times a week.


DISCLAIMER: For External Use Only. Avoid direct contact with eyes and do not ingest. Not recommended for children. If you are pregnant, nursing or under medical care please consult your physician before use. Product has not been evaluated by the FDA and I am not a physician. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Skincare products may cause an allergic reaction. If an allergic reaction occurs

Unami LLC will not be held liable. Use at your own risk. All products, listings and statements are for informational purposes ONLY and are NOT INTENDED to diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure or prevent any condition, allment or disease.

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