About our Founder

Cerwaa Bonsu is a 25-year-old woman originally from Ghana but living in America. She is the owner of Unami Skincare, a cruelty-free, vegan skincare line that she launched to help people take better care of their skin. Cerwaa is passionate about helping others achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Growing up in Ghana, she was surrounded by people who suffered from skin issues due to their environment and lack of access to resources. She hopes to use her platform to spread awareness about skin health and create a safe space for people of color to discuss their skin care needs. She is deeply committed to making Unami Skincare products accessible to all. She is passionate about creating a safe space for Black women to discuss their skin care needs and to provide them with the best products on the market.

Her goal is to create a brand that is inclusive, affordable, and effective. Cerwaa is an advocate for Black beauty, which she believes is unique and beautiful. She is a firm believer in self-care, and she encourages her customers to take time for themselves and to love their skin the way it is. She is also very dedicated to giving back. She has donated to various organizations and initiatives in her home country of Ghana, as well as in the United States. She hopes to continue to use her platform to give back to those in need and to spread awareness about skin health.